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Five Things Not to Put Down Your Drain

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Five Things Not to Put Down Your Drain

Five Things Not to Put Down Your Drain

Disposing of food waste used to be a real pain. Not only did you have to throw everything away, but you usually had to take it to the outside trash bin fairly quickly because it would start to smell. Today, you don’t have to worry about that being as much of a problem thanks to the invention known as the garbage disposal. While disposals are designed to chew through pretty much anything you put down your drain in order to wash it away, there are some things they can’t handle. Here are five types of foods you shouldn’t put down the drain.

Fats & Oils

These substances may seem soft, liquid, and easy for any disposal to handle, but they will eventually solidify in your plumbing as they cool off, resulting in blockages that can wreak havoc on your drains. Margarine, butter, grease, and even oily broths or olive oil should all be disposed of separately.

Egg Shells

Egg shells are actually pretty hard on the teeth in your disposal, which cause them to wear out faster. Likewise, when they do eventually go down the drain, they tend to combine with other solid foods quickly, resulting in a solid chunk that usually forms the foundation of a clog.

Coffee Grounds

Some people think that coffee grounds are actually good for your plumbing. Well the truth is they take some doing to get through your garbage disposal, and any good they can do quickly goes to waste if they combine with other foods to create a gnarly clog just on the other side of your disposal.


When added to water, flour becomes like glue. This glue becomes a sticky substance that lines your pipes, grabs onto food, and starts clogs. The same thing happens in your garbage disposal: flour can latch on to food particles and prevent them from going down the drain, contributing to odors.


Unless you plan on letting the ice melt of its own accord or running hot water down the drain at the same time, you should avoid putting ice down your garbage disposal. Like eggshells, ice is also hard on the teeth of your disposal unit, and it could even prompt a disposal jam, which could require you to replace the unit entirely.

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