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Tips on Handling Mold & Water Damage Insurance Claims

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Tips on Handling Mold & Water Damage Insurance Claims

Tips on Handling Mold & Water Damage Insurance Claims

When it comes to dealing with your homeowners insurance claims, it can appear daunting, but here At Twin Home Experts, we have dealt with well over 1500 insurance claims that pertains to mold and water damage, so we have you covered with some great Twin Tips to help guide you through the process.

We have found that our customers appreciate working with ONE company, locate the water source, repair the water source, mitigate the damages, and put the property back together to its original condition. All along, working very close with the insurance adjuster with providing all necessary reporting & documentation.

All insurance companies will have similar policy structures, when it relates to coverages it all depends on deductibles, type of home you have,and how experienced your insurance agent is who put you in the policy in the first place.

Your Home Insurance Policy

Some homeowners may not already know, mold damage specifically most often is “excluded” from home insurance or you may have up to $5,000 in mold coverage.

4 Damages That Result in Exclusion from Home Insurance Policies

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Poor maintenance (you should have replaced the shower grout, but didn’t)
  • Standing or surface water (unless it’s floodwater and you purchased separate flood insurance)
  • Construction mistakes or defects (nails accidentally driven into water pipes or faulty home design)

Note : It is important to understand and be knowledgeable about what your insurance policy covers and what it does not,also,get to know your deductible. A good, well-experienced water damage mold company will assist you finding all the details related to your policy.

Mold & Water Damage Claim Action Items

  • Stop the water leak or flow of water.
  • Notify a water damage expert immediately. If you let any damage fester and don’t take care of it immediately, your claim may be denied. Remember, sudden leaks are covered, but long term leaks are not.
  • Detection of water source is the key to coverage.
  • Choose your own water damage company, it’s in your best interest.

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