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Prevent Water Damage Under Sinks - Less than $30!

Van Nuys Leak Detection & Mold Remediation

Prevent Water Damage Under Sinks - Less than $30!

Prevent Water Damage Under Sinks - Less than $30!

Full transcript below:

Hello folks, this is Jim here with The Twin Home Experts another series of how to protect your home for less than $30.

We get a lot of calls quite often during the week for water damage to properties. And there’s two products that we’ve come up with here at The Twin Home Experts that we truly love. And that is a water alarm and a cabinet liner. These two things here in conjunction with each other are just amazing products to save you thousands of dollars from water damage to your cabinets, to the flooring, as well as to your kitchen cabinets.

You realize that underneath a kitchen sink alone there’s over 30 connections from waste pipes, to water, dishwasher, refrigeration lines. And oftentimes what we find most causes leaks are the actual P-traps.

So this right here we love placing underneath the actual P-trap. So Let me just show you here a little bit of water that drips from let’s say this P-trap. And it’s still going. So this will definitely notify you if there’s even just a very slight moisture reading.

The other thing for less than $10 is you can buy a liner. There’s no adhesive. All you do is you cut to size. You actually place it inside there, line it. What I loved about the rib as well is all your products that sit on the top of this, it allows a lot of the ventilation. As you can see, it’s a wipeable surface. Most important, it’s a water resistant.

So, well there you are folks, two products that will save you thousands and thousands of dollars. Thanks.


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