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Trenchless Solutions in Phoenix and Los Angeles

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Trenchless Solutions in Phoenix and Los Angeles

Trenchless Solutions in Phoenix and Los Angeles

What happens after you call the Twin Home Experts for a free camera Inspection? Well, first a technician will arrive at your house in a fully stocked truck to do the job. He’ll have a camera tipped cable that will be threaded through your drains while the visual it picks up is displayed on a high-tech monitor in real time. This process gives you:

  • A More Accurate Diagnosis
  • Complete Certainty Regarding Your Issue
  • Better Informed Options

And what are those better informed options? Well, that’s where “trenchless” solutions start to come in. What do we mean by trenchless? Basically, a “trenchless” option is any plumbing repair or replacement method that does not require excavation. The advantages of this are obvious: no more digging up your yards, no more ruining your landscaping, no more needing your home cleared out or business completely shut down — with the more advanced, more efficient, and more cost-effective solutions made possible by trenchless methods, you can be up and running again in absolutely no time. Here are just a couple examples of trenchless technology that you can consider:

  • RESTORE with Hydro-Jetting– Before we consider any other procedure, we’ll probably want to administer high water pressure cleaning of your pipes. The powerful hydro-jetting blast can remove tree roots, grease, and sediment build up, restoring your system’s flow capacity so that it works like new.
  • REPAIR with Epoxy Pipe Restoration (CIPP)– With cured-in-place piping, a safe epoxy compound is poured into your pipes around an inflatable bladder, creating a new plastic pipe inside of your old one! It’s a great way to repair broken or leaky pipes without excavation.
  • REPLACE with Horizontal Boring– This advanced trenchless method involves a hydraulic drill that pores into the ground at one end of a broken pipe and out at the other. The entrance and exit holes are minor enough that they can be easily filled and avoid property damage, and we can replace your piping from inside.

At the Twin Home Experts, we guarantee that we can find an option or combination of options that will leave you happy, your home healthy, and your wallet heavy. Contact us today about a free camera inspection, and we’ll not only find your problem but also offer state-of-the-art solutions to the problem!


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