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Life's Special Moments: The Twin Plumbers Meet Oliver

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Life's Special Moments: The Twin Plumbers Meet Oliver

Life's Special Moments: The Twin Plumbers Meet Oliver

We met somebody very special this week when we were out on the job, and we wanted to introduce you!

Oliver and the Twin Plumbers’ Thumbs Up!

Here’s The Story :

Our customer Richard and his beautiful family purchased a home back in 2013 and hired us to perform a full drain inspection of the home before signing off and closing escrow .Our technician provided a full detailed report, collected our fees, and finished the day. Richard and his family moved in to their beautiful home and had another child. Off we all went our separate ways — but not for long.

We got a surprising call a year later stating that they had had a major sewage back up. They called out another plumbing company who cleared the stoppage, then ran a camera and found that the drains we claimed were ALL made of the superior piping materials (called ABS), were in fact made of cast iron. You might remember from yesterday’s blog that cast iron piping is a weaker alternative.

Richard was very understandably upset — to the point we were getting threats of a law suit if we don’t do something about it.

That’s no good ! Much more important than the money is our reputation. We’re the Home Experts, and we know when we’re wrong.

My twin brother and I have zero tolerance for our customers being unhappy — to the point we cant sleep at night! So we scheduled a early Saturday morning appointment. We arrive at the door, holding our little LED flashlights. Richard’s wife answered holding their 4 month new born baby, and in the background I hear the noise of little footsteps run towards the front door, then suddenly stop — and there, with the biggest little smile to greet us, was their little boy Oliver.

I smiled back at him. While mommy went to go get Richard , I pulled my little LED flashlight and started flashing the light on his little toes, making him laugh and getting a even a bigger smile out of him. Then I said, with the Twin Plumbers thumbs up: “Oliver were going to take care of your pipes and fix things for you, okay?”

He replied with a nodded head: up and down, up and down.

We then left little Oliver at the front door, but couldn’t help but to take with us the memory of his smile that made this situation now seem so small. We proceeded to the back yard to inspect our negligence, and that’s when we met Richard. When met and went over details, we came up with a solution that made him happy and got scheduling under way

Later on, I got a very touching email, which is what prompted me to do this story :

From: “Richard Halkett (rhalkett)”

Date: November 14, 2014 at 7:52:46 AM PST

To: David Schuelke


Thank you, Dave – we truly appreciate your professionalism on this.

If you can look at those other two smaller things when you are here I’d appreciate it – the toilet flapper and the upstairs sink.

As an aside, Oliver has been obsessed with plumbers since Wednesday and is very excited about your arrival. You made quite an impression! I’ll make sure that he is under control but he will want to look at things periodically… He has also decided to make muffins ‘to share with the plumbers’ and been readying his small plastic tool-kit. Apparently the wrench is particularly important.


When I received this email, I was so moved. It just goes to show that life sometimes wakes you up through what we call ” bad situations”… or, more importantly, that by taking our honest mistakes and turning them into happy memories, we can learn from and impact other peoples life in a positive way.

So with little Oliver making us fresh muffins and getting his little tool kit ready to go, we came back to the home and did the job right. Plus, we got to spend some quality time with our favorite buddy! After that, we resolved to step up our game even more to be the service professionals that homeowners deserve. In my eyes, this really is no longer about us just showing up and replacing some drains. This story now has turned: its all about Oliver, making that life-long memory that hopefully will impact him forever.

The video:

We are here to make a difference in peoples life through our services and resources. If you or a family member knows someone in real need of our plumbing assistance, please send us your story !


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