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Happy Thanksgiving from the Twin Plumbers!

Van Nuys Leak Detection & Mold Remediation

Happy Thanksgiving from the Twin Plumbers!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Twin Plumbers!

Sewer Camera Inspection in Studio City and Sherman Oaks

The Twin Plumbers team wants to wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving this year! But when you have old plumbing in your home, staying safe during the holidays can be a bit trickier. Why? Because old, outdated piping materials tend to corrode, become obstructed, leak, and just generally not carry waste-water as well. You can have issues in your plumbing system and not even realize it until a backflow disaster strikes.

In the United States, the busiest day for plumbers is the day after Thanksgiving — but that’s not all. The whole holiday season is an incredibly popular time for plumbing disasters to strike. You’ve got your family over, you’re cooking and cleaning and having huge meals, and after a while it’s too much for your old, failing plumbing to handle. For too many Americans, happy holiday memories quickly turn into total plumbing disasters!

Don’t be one of those families this year: be prepared! The Twin Plumbers want to help you catch plumbing problems before they happen. How? With a free sewer camera inspection process this end-of-year.

Sewer camera inspection is our most important diagnostics tool. It allows us to see exactly what is going on in the pipe before performing any of our state-of-the-art procedures. Getting a sewer camera inspection done by the Twin Plumbers offers you the following benefits:

  • More Accurate Plumbing– We don’t do guesswork. We find the exact location of the issue, and from the display on the external monitor, we can tell exactly what the problem is. You’ll never have to deal with the uncertainty of where a leak is coming from or why a fixture isn’t working ever again.
  • Healthier Home– Having plumbing problems can be a safety concern, especially since waste-water carries harmful pathogens! Keep your home safe and clean by getting the sewer camera inspection before you have a problem.
  • Save Money and Time– Other plumbing companies need to estimate and investigate, but the Twin Plumbers can get straight to the job. Sewer camera inspection is a form of trenchless solution, and as such it saves you money by reducing the destructive and labor-intensive stages of a repair.
  • Risk-Free/No Obligation– Sewer camera inspection has a value of several hundred dollars. We’re giving it to Studio City and Sherman Oaks homeowners for free with no obligation of purchase. That’s a deal of a lifetime!

Check out what sewer camera inspection can do:

So call the Twin Plumbers to help keep your home safe this holiday season, and be thankful for a healthy and happy home. We hope this blog has been helpful — thanks again for reading! And as always, call the Twin Plumbers today if you have an issue: we deliver the best quality commercial and residential plumbing in Los Angeles and the surrounding area!


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