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Drain Cleaning Solutions in Los Angeles

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Drain Cleaning Solutions in Los Angeles

Drain Cleaning Solutions in Los Angeles

When you get a sewer camera inspection, your plumber will then give you all of the drain cleaning options you have for clog removal or sewer replacement. If you’ve got any of the following issues, you need those informed and accurate options:

  • Bad Odors – Having a nasty sewer smell in your kitchen or bathroom could be a sign that waste-water is not properly leaving your home. Just check out this video from a while back:

  • Fixtures Acting Up – Toilet constantly backing up? Shower leaving standing water in your tub? Garbage disposal getting backed up, leaving your kitchen sink full of dirty, sticky water? Then it’s time for sewer camera inspection. The Twin Plumbers can find exactly what’s causing your system to give all of your fixtures problems.
  • Old Plumbing – Even if you haven’t started experiencing symptoms, you should always have old plumbing inspected anyway. Pipes made of Orangeburg, cast iron, or terra cotta can be problematic for homeowners, as they tend to corrode or become disjointed overtime! Sewer camera inspection can help you prevent these issues.

But what happens when you do have a problem in your plumbing that the Twin Plumbers find with our trusty sewer camera? Well then, depending on the severity of the problem, you have some options on how to proceed:

  1. Rooter/Drain Snake – For your simple, straightforward main drain clogs, there’s always traditional clog removal methods. Rooters and drain snakes break down clogs with a cork-screw motion.
  2. Hydrojetting– We love our high pressure water jetting! In this process, we fire a powerful blast of water through your plumbing system to remove not only the toughest clogs (including tree roots!) but also the build up along the sides of the pipes. The result is a restored and cleaned system with no replacements necessary!
  3. Trenchless Pipe Replacement– Here at the Twin Plumbers, we use state-of-the-art trenchless technology in order to be able to fix your sewer problems from inside the line — that way we don’t have to excavate the pipe, dig up the yard, and destroy your landscaping. We’re the trenchless expert, and we can almost always find trenchless solutions to sewer replacement and drain problems.

We hope this blog was helpful for learning about drain cleaning solutions. As always, thanks for reading our blog!


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