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Sink Drains Overflow in Sherman Oaks

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Sink Drains Overflow in Sherman Oaks

Sink Drains Overflow in Sherman Oaks

Homeowner Tips: How to Clean Out Your Overflowing Sink

Mention the phrase “sink drains overflow,” and your first thought might be of cascading waters flowing out of your sink in your Sherman Oaks home or apartment unit. But don’t worry – contrary to what the name suggests, the sink drain overflow is actually a necessary part of your sink that helps you drain water faster.

Is it a confusing name? Yes. Is it also a helpful part of your sink’s plumbing? Absolutely!

The sink overflow works by allowing air into the drain, even when your sink’s basin is filled to the brim with water. This makes it possible for the water to drain faster – and if you want to maintain excellent draining in your sink, you need to ensure your sink overflow is clear from obstructions and build-up.

If you suspect you have build-up in your sink overflow, here are some quick and easy ways to clean it out without getting a second job as a plumber:

  • Grab yourself a plastic zip tie and place the pointy end in the opening of the overflow. Work it down into the overflow, and move the zip tie up and down a few times, like you’re scraping it out. Slowly pull the zip tie out and see if your sink’s draining improves. Just hang on to that zip tie – if you drop it, you’re in worse shape than when you first started!
  • Want to look even cooler? Grab a dishwasher hose (or any sturdy hose, actually); make sure it fits over the opening of the overflow. Fill up the sink with water, until it’s over the opening of the overflow (it’s okay if some water spills over). Put an end of the hose over the opening, and place the other end on your mouth. Blow puffs of hair into the hose; the more, the better (just don’t pass out!). Drain the water and repeat the process if you don’t see an improvement in the draining.

You can use this tips to keep your sink overflow clear, or you could simply pick up the phone and dial The Twin Plumbers in Los Angeles. Either way, you’ll look pretty cool.

For more information about sink drains overflow in Sherman Oaks, give The Twin Plumbers a call today!


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