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Why Should Your Area Drains Have ABS Piping?

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Why Should Your Area Drains Have ABS Piping?

Why Should Your Area Drains Have ABS Piping?

As opposed to a sewer line, an area drain does not actually connect to your indoor plumbing fixtures. Whereas your sinks, showers, tubs, toilets, and any other indoor drains release their discharge through the area drains and into the public sewer system, area drains are positioned around your home to stop rainwater from creating floods on your property. The area drains collect water and transport it to the street, away from your yard. So why do area drains become clogged? Frequently, the discharge line on your area drains will be a co-ex pipe leading to the curb. The problem with co-ex piping is that it is very brittle — in the video, you’ll see that Dave breaks the pipe with his hand! But that’s not the only problem with co-ex pipe. The reality is that co-ex pipes don’t glue together as well as they should, and tree roots tend to tunnel in through the cracks in the seams. Since the material is so weak, tree roots can grow and expand enough that the shatter the pipes and cause major leaks! Either way, having all of those roots in your pipes will catch leaves and debris and block the flow of water, which is what causes those area drains you have to back up and flood. Next time you have a problem with your area drains, upgrade the piping from co-ex to ABS Piping. ABS Pipes are:

  • More Durable
  • Sealed Tighter
  • Longer Lasting

It’s absolutely worth it to have the upgrade performed on your area drains, so next time you need a repair, ask the professional to use ABS rather than replacing the co-ex. We hope this helps you have safer and more effective plumbing. Thanks for reading!


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