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Sewer Odor in LA - Why Does My Bathroom Stink?

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Sewer Odor in LA - Why Does My Bathroom Stink?

Sewer Odor in LA - Why Does My Bathroom Stink?

Sewer odor removal is one the most frequent calls we get here at the Twin Plumbers, the Los Angeles home experts. In fact, we all talked about it the other day in our training center: we discovered that, in our 25 years in the trade, we had solved over 2,000 sewer odor related issues for homeowners in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. As you know, in addition to our top-quality service, the Twin Plumbers also want to help LA homeowners solve plumbing problems on their own. So today, we want to share with you some things you can do and look for that might help you to take on the rotten egg smell in your bathroom by yourself without having to hire a plumber.

When it comes to bathroom odors, there are some things to look for immediately: first and foremost are your P traps for both shower and sinks, especially if the particular fixture has not been used in a while. Use a bright flash light to inspect inside and see if the P traps are holding water. If there is no water, then that’s your issue right there! Just simply run the water for a minute, and that alone should clear the sewer vapors right away.

This is what a P Trap generally looks like. Basically, its that curved piece below your sink that can be taken off with an adjustable wrench. Remember to shut off your water first!

Another P Trap…but this one has a pretty major clog! There’s your sewer odor right there.

Another common cause of sewer odor smell in a bathroom is a toilet seal that is loose or has worn out supplying off gases into the room. The best thing to do is replace with an anti leak wax seal. This will require removing the toilet and resetting it on the new wax seal and fastening the bolts nice and tight.

Another issue that can cause sewer odors in your bathroom and kitchen sink is the debris and build up inside the drain pipe. This can be localized, like the photo here below, or in the main pipe inside the wall or under ground. Pipes that don’t have adequate flow tend to hold all the sludge over a long period of time, causing sewer gases to escape inside the home. The best home remedy solution for this vinegar and baking soda inserted inside the drain a few times in a row depending on how much build up. If it continues, you may need the professional to step in and run a sewer camera or hydro jet the line for a deep cleaning.

Since were talking about sewer odor in a bathroom, and you’re already reading our blog today,we wanted to give you one great Twin Plumbers tip on getting rid of sewer odor. We actually did a video here for you to watch. This will help you in those embarrassing moments at a guests home, or even at your own.

Well, we really appreciate you on our site today, if we can be of any more help, please let us know. As always, thank you for reading our post today.


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