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Installing a Washer Dryer in a Los Angeles Condo

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Installing a Washer Dryer in a Los Angeles Condo

Installing a Washer Dryer in a Los Angeles Condo

8 Tips to Help You When in Organizing Your Installation

At The Twin Home Experts, we have serviced condos for over 25 years here in Los Angeles, from a 6,000 square feet location on the Wilshire Corridor to a one bedroom studio in West Hollywood.

We get asked quite often when units are not originally equipped with washer and dryer hook ups, “Can I install a washer and dryer in my unit?” You will want to ask the board members or the property manager first because, in the HOA’s Rules and Regulations, there may be a clause that clearly defines no washers and dryers.

Here is a video of a project that we looked at for a customer in West Hollywood. As you can see, it is an ideal location:

Once you have had the green light from them (we would recommend you to get it in writing), you will probably be required by the HOA to hire someone with condo insurance, bonds, and a license to work in buildings. You want that, regardless. We always recommend that you hire a plumber and have them name the building and yourself as additional insurance. This protects you in case there are damages to your unit and common areas while performing the work.

The next step is determining where you want the washer and dryer. We would recommend choosing a few options because the most ideal place is sometimes the most costly and is a location with no plumbing. Great places to look for are behind kitchen sinks, behind toilets, pr a location that is close to an outside wall. Keep in mind that if you’re on the first floor, you have a great advantage with more options, especially if there is sub-garage below with all of the exposed plumbing.

Here are a list of items that should assist you in organizing the project:

1. Approval from HOA and/or property manager
2. Locate a plumber that has the experience, license, and bond
3. Know the locations of where you want appliances
4. Find a good electrician
5. Make sure you get a price for permits
6. Understand how the vent for dryer will be discharged
7. Verify from plumber that sizing of waste and water are OK
8. Make sure you know the size of the units you’re buying beforehand (you don’t want to spend money and find out it’s not a big enough space)

Please feel free to contact us if you need more information. As always, thank you for visiting The Twin Home Experts site today!


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