Meet Jimmy and David Schuelke


When you grow up with everyone mistaking two brothers for one person, you quickly learn to make twice the impression." 

Jimmy Schuelke 

Image It's a philosophy that is at the heart of way Schuelke Plumbing was founded - do everything twice as well, make twice the impression and offer twice the level of service.  It's the least you would expect from the 'Twin Plumbers'.

Twin brothers Jimmy and David Schuelke have been delighting customers in the Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Greater Los Angeles area for over fifteen years.  Read more about our customers' experiences here.

Even if you haven't met them yet, you may already have read about, seen or heard them.

Image You may have seen them giving expert plumbing advice on TV's "Home Wizards", heard them on the News Talk 870 KRLA radio show of the same name, or seen them listed as the "Best of the Best" by the Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants..

And, of course, living and working in the center of the world's entertainment industry it shouldn't perhaps surprise you that you might have seen them in movies, TV shows and commercials - including Blind Faith (Feature Film), Hellraiser: Bloodline (Feature Film), the television series Providence, and a national Jeep Cherokee commercial.

But in the end it always comes down to their plumbing and doing their best for their customers.  "I would never want to walk away from what we do to help each day," David Schuelke says, "I care too much about the difference we make."

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