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Clogged Drain? Call The Twin Home Experts in Los Angeles

Clogged drains can happen without warning, causing water to back up into sinks, showers, and tubs. While commercial drain cleaners can help in the short term, the results don’t last long and they are ineffective for clogs deeper in the pipe. An experienced professional is better equipped to provide a lasting solution. The Twin Home Experts offers drain cleaning in Van Nuys, CA and neighboring communities.

Causes of Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can have a variety of causes. Sink drains in the kitchen can become clogged by food particles, coffee grounds, and grease. Shower drains are often clogged by hair and soap scum. Over time, soaps and debris stick to the side of the pipe. As this happens, the drain can become clogged. Objects falling into the drain can also result in clogs.

Professional Drain Cleaning Service

We respond quickly to your call for residential or commercial drain cleaning. We focus on providing the right repair solution for the specific needs of each client, depending on the type and location of the clog and whether there is a structural problem. Our experienced Van Nuys plumbers will assess your drains and determine the source of the problem to recommend the best solution, such as a drain snake or rooter machine.

You can prevent future drain clogs by:

  • Throwing coffee grounds in the garbage, rather than down the sink
  • Placing cooking grease in a jar or can and throwing it in the trash
  • Buying a screen to cover the drain opening in tubs and showers to prevent hair clogs
  • Running hot water after you use your sink

Call for Prompt Drain Solutions

Our family owned business has served the needs of residential and commercial customers with quality plumbing and drain cleaning in Los Angeles for more than 35 years. When you need help with a problem drain, give us a call for expert service at your home or business.

Have a problem with a drain? Contact our plumbers at (818) 927-6309!

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