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Leak Detection in Van Nuys & Los Angeles

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Do you know there is a leak at your home or business, but aren’t sure of the source? The Twin Home Experts provides residential and commercial leak detection in Van Nuys and Los Angeles. Our plumbers have hundreds of years of combined plumbing experience and we have located and repaired leaks for thousands upon thousands of local homes and businesses. Emergency service is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do not delay - dial (818) 927-6309 or contact us online today to schedule a leak detection service in Van Nuys.

Finding the Source of Leaks

Often, the exact source of the leak can be difficult for a homeowner to detect. If you notice signs of a leak, we encourage you to get in touch with us as soon as possible, so our technicians can identify the source of the problem. Some signs of a leak include hearing water running, seeing cracks in the walls or floors, moisture or mildew under carpets, noticing hot spots on the floor, smelling a foul odor, or noticing that your water bills are higher than normal.

Leak Detection Methods

  • Infrared Leak Detection – Our Los Angeles plumbers use infrared to see into walls, beneath floors, and underground.
  • Ultrasonic Detection – Sound technology is an effective way to measure variation and sound loss in the pipes. This can help locate the source of a leak.
  • Video Camera Inspection – This is the leak detection method most often used by our plumbers. A video camera is fed down into the pipes, so photos and videos can be used to show the cause of the leak. This method also provides a visual for the homeowner to understand the severity of the problem and why we are recommending a specific repair solution.
  • Smoke Detection – This method is used as a last resort. Harmless smoke is pumped into the pipes and escapes at the source of the problem, allowing our plumbing technicians to find the leak.

If you notice signs of a leak, call (818) 927-6309 for fast leak detection in Van Nuys or beyond.

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