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3 Common Heating Problems During the Winter

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3 Common Heating Problems During the Winter

3 Common Heating Problems During the Winter

When the cold winter weather sets in, your heater will have to work harder to keep your home comfortable. Because of this, your system may experience some problems that will prevent it from functioning well, which could result in a chilly home. Our team of Los Angeles HVAC technicians have the experience to handle a variety of heating issues. Whether you have a heat pump, furnace, gas boiler, or other heating system, we can fix the problems in a timely manner.

What are 3 common winter heating problems?

  1. Inconsistent heating of your home. If some rooms in your house are hot while others are cold, this may be a sign that the duct system is clogged, or that your heater’s filters or coils are dirty. Inspecting the system and replacing or cleaning any faulty components can help your heater function more efficiently throughout your home.
  2. No heat at all. In some instances, your heater may completely break down and fail to provide warm air. This will leave your home cold and uncomfortable. You should check your thermostat, and if it is working correctly, it may be that the gas valve, burner, or other components of your system are malfunctioning. Our team can inspect the system and fix the problem quickly and efficiently.
  3. Heat cycling. Heat cycling refers to your heater turning on and off again frequently. This could be because the system has a dirty filter or an improperly programmed thermostat, and it should be fixed immediately to avoid high utility bills.

Professional HVAC Services in Van Nuys

At The Twin Home Experts, our team of Los Angeles heating technicians have more than 3 decades of experience. If your heater is malfunctioning or is running inefficiently during this winter, we can conduct a thorough inspection to diagnose any issues. From start to finish, our knowledgeable team will work hard to leave your home warm and comfortable.

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