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Our Best Tip for Finding Leaks in Your Home

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Our Best Tip for Finding Leaks in Your Home

Our Best Tip for Finding Leaks in Your Home

Nothing is worse than water damage. Whether your home is being flooded or you just have some small leaks in a wall or ceiling, it can be a challenge to find the source. At Twin Home Experts, leak detection is our specialty and we have helped over 4,000 residents in the Los Angeles and Phoenix areas pinpoint the location of their problem. We know what a pain it can be to have leaks and water damage in your home, and we wanted to give you our best tip on how to locate the cause of those pesky drips.

Some people have an extremely hard time finding the source of their leak, especially if the leak only occurs on rainy days. It can be hard to get someone in immediately to look at your leak, and by the time your appointment rolls around, the rain has stopped. We have had customers who have hired many contractors, plumbers, roofers, etc.… and these professionals have not been able to trace their leak. This is frustrating and can cost a homeowner tons of money. After dealing with this issue many times, we knew we needed to come up with something inventive that we could use to find even the most challenging leaks.

After some thought, we came up with an out-of-the-box idea. At first, we were unsure of how successful it would be, but in the end, we were pleasantly surprised at just how well it worked!

To begin, we ask our customer to give us some background on the house and the leak, such as when the leak occurs, how big the leak is and how old the roof and windows are. Once we have the information we need, we can begin our process. Our technique is to use an isolated smoke test by using the same smoke testing equipment we use for sewer lines and sewer odor detection in a home. We start by isolating the lowest spot on the composite roof and create a balloon using 6mil plastic and sticky tape. We then attach the smoker discharge hose into this plastic balloon and we pump 60 seconds worth of smoke into the balloon, filling it so that it surrounds the area we want to test. If nothing shows up, we move on to different areas, repeating the procedure until we see smoke coming into the home. Then we are able to exactly identify the problem area.

Our professional team is trained to locate the toughest leaks that nobody can find, this is why we offer a full guarantee that we will find your leak or you don’t pay!


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