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The Inside Scoop to Los Angeles Drain Cleaning

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The Inside Scoop to Los Angeles Drain Cleaning

The Inside Scoop to Los Angeles Drain Cleaning

Have you noticed all of those drain and plumbing companies in the Los Angeles area that offer super low drain cleaning specials?

Have you ever wondered why?

We are here to answer those questions so you will know what to expect before you hire a professional drain or plumbing company. Here at Twin Home Experts, we have performed over 8,000 drain cleaning calls, from simple shower obstructions to stubborn main sewer stoppages that are very difficult to clear.

In early 2000, you couldn’t find a plumber or drain cleaning company for less than $150.00 to clear a sewer drain. Companies began to figure out that the money wasn’t being made in the clearing of the drains, but in the repair. They figured out that if they marketed a loss leader or offered a lower price to get to the customer’s door, then their money would come in the repair or replacement of the drain system.
Most companies that have the “Rooter” name are companies that have sewer “sales” technicians. These technicians are selling based solely on commissions, so maintaining strong sales is at the top of their priority list, not the customer.

We realize that all companies need to make a profit, but there is an honest, transparent way that these profits need to be earned. We feel that the drain cleaning businesses in our local Los Angeles community have gotten a bit out of control in a dishonest way, so for that reason, we felt this post had to be written.

Here are the top 8 “warning flags” you should be looking for when hiring a drain or plumbing company:

  1. The company is offering a “free” estimate to come out and take a look at your problem first, then will price while onsite.
  2. The technician shows up and states he cannot clear the stoppage now but can do a SPOT repair and will return later to complete the job.
  3. The drain technician states he needs to call out another technician to run the sewer camera.
  4. The technician states his sewer cable is stuck in the line and the line will have to be dug up to get it out.
  5. The technician shows you water in the line and says that the camera cannot pass through so the only option is for the line to be extracted.
  6. You are told that the line is going to collapse and it needs immediate attention.
  7. The company is offering a low drain cleaning fee with a limited time offer and a guarantee that the line will be cleared.
  8. The technician is not giving you the exact location and depth of the problem.

These are some of the biggest red flags that you need to be aware of, and we want to give you some great advice that will help you effectively do business with these types of companies.

  1. When they first arrive, be honest. Tell them simply: “I’m not going to make a purchasing decision today if you find an issue with my drain.”
  2. Ask them to record and locate the damaged part of the line and email you or give you a copy.
  3. Advise the technician that you will be getting at least 3 bids from other companies before deciding, no matter how bad the issue is.
  4. Ask them to provide you a written bid that describes in detail the work they want to perform.
  5. Make sure they accurately locate the exact spot where your problem is occurring.

We always recommend our customers get at least a second opinion, with three bids being optimal. This will help verify the initial findings, and will also confirm that the investment that they are asking you to make is within industry standard pricing. Remember this one thing: It is ESPECIALLY hard to stop the process when a company has already dug a huge hole in your front yard. That is why it is important to get all your information FIRST before hiring.

Here at Twin Home Experts, we go on more calls that are second opinions today than ever before. This has saved our customers thousands of dollars.

We also want to give you a few top Los Angeles drain companies that we admire for their business standards:

  • The Drain Company: The owner, Star, is a terrific businesswoman and truly cares about her customers and not about sales. You can check out her video on Yelp.
  • All American Rooter: They have great pricing with great equipment to clear any stoppage.
  • Twin Home Experts: Of course, we love our customers and we are fully transparent in all the services we provide, even if it takes recommending someone else.

Hope this gave you some insight and awareness before you call a drain company in Los Angeles. We are here for you and we would love to provide you with a first, second or third option!

As always, thank you for visiting our site today.


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