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Odd Warm Spot on Your Floor? Leak Detection Special

Van Nuys Leak Detection & Mold Remediation

Odd Warm Spot on Your Floor? Leak Detection Special

Odd Warm Spot on Your Floor? Leak Detection Special

Full Transcript:

Dave: Hello, folks. My name is Dave Schuelke.

Jim: And I’m Jim Schuelke.

Jim & Dave: We are the Twin Home Experts.

Dave: We’re gonna go ahead and take time now and give you our $99 warm floor leak detection special. Today, I’m gonna go ahead and play the nice twin, “include”.

Jim: And I’m gonna play the not so nice twin, “exclude”.

Dave: It does include a trained technician arriving to your home well uniformed.

Jim: All right. I’ll give you that.

Dave: It includes a quick meter check. Once we verify the meter, we go ahead and include isolating different ball valves to verify what areas of the home are leaking. Includes tracing out the hot water system.

Jim: Excludes tracing out the cold system.

Dave: Includes using our state of the art acoustic equipment to listen to that little leak underneath your slab.

Jim: Excludes, if needed, airing up the system with our safe gas.

Dave: Check for moisture include, but it excludes opening up any walls. Well, now that we’ve pinpointed exactly where that hot water leak is, we’re gonna go ahead and include, while we’re on site, a free estimate for the repairs, water damage, and help facilitate that insurance claim, if needed.

Jim: But it does exclude subcontractors, contractors, apartment buildings, and commercial buildings.

Dave: Well, there you have it, folks. The inside of our $99 warm floor leak detection special. Hopefully, this helped. As always…

Jim & Dave: Thanks for watching!


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