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How to Replace the Top of a Toilet Flush Valve

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How to Replace the Top of a Toilet Flush Valve

How to Replace the Top of a Toilet Flush Valve

Full Transcript:

Hey, guys. Jim here with the Twin Home Experts. We wanted to provide a quick instructional video on how to replace the ballcock repair kit for your toilet. If your toilet’s leaking, and you’ve already diagnosed that the flapper is not the cause, more than likely it’s going to be the top of your flush valve, which is this, right here.

There’s a washer inside there that often goes bad, just like this toilet here, that we were called out on. You see the continuous running? One way to test this to see if this is faulty is just lift the arm up. If that stops the leak, then good chance that this washer inside here is bad. So let’s show you how to replace it.

Here we go. First thing you want to do is to shutoff valve. Always follow the righty-tighty, lefty-loosey rule. We’ll go ahead and shut it off. It’s very important that you shut it off all the way because once you remove this cap, water will come out here at it’s full pressure. Go ahead and drain the tank all the way. Get your hand, your right hand, underneath the actual float valve. See the valve? Put your left thumb and turn that all the way, about an eighth of a turn, and that will remove it. That just clips off.

You see that washer in there? That’s why it was leaking, because of that calcification in there. There’s one thing that you could also do too at your local hardware store. You can actually remove and just replace this washer here, if you wanted to. But it’s always a good thing here, we believe here at the Twin Plumbers, just go ahead and replace it. It’s less than $4 at a hardware store. And as you could see, no tools are needed.

We’ll go ahead take it out of it’s wrapper here. Here’s the new one. Same rule applies. You want to be able to take it in in those slots there. You see those two slots? You want to find those grooves there. And then, same thing, you want to turn it clockwise. Let’s try it a different angle here. Clockwise there, and then snap that into the arm. You want to make sure that you have a good inch of play here on this arm because that really do determines the level of water inside the tank.

Once that’s in place, again, make sure that that’s fully locked in, you go back to your valve. Turn it on slow. You’ll actually hear the water running. Okay. Let’s go ahead and test it out here.

What’s good about draining the tank is that you’re getting all the air out of the flush valve as well.

Well there you have it, folks. Hopefully this was helpful, and as always, thanks for watching!


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