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How to get rid of black mold on wood?

Van Nuys Leak Detection & Mold Remediation

How to get rid of black mold on wood?

How to get rid of black mold on wood?

Full Transcript:

Hello folks, Jim here with the Twin Home Experts. Today we’re going to try out our new certified antimicrobial product. And as you can see here, we removed a section of pretty heavy fungi growth from a job. So let’s go ahead. Here’s the before. Let’s go ahead and apply it.

As you can see, it’s starting to attack the biofilm. What we love about our product is the fact that because wood drywall is porous, our product gets way deep into the cell structure of the material and actually eradicates the mold. You see how it’s working very aggressively. Then we just simply do a wipe-down.

This is why a lot of times here at the Twin Home Experts, we’re able to save vanities, kitchen cabinets. This product is also designed for crawl spaces as well as attic.

Anyhow, hopefully this helped. As always, thanks for watching.


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