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Kitchen Drain Clogs in Studio City

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Kitchen Drain Clogs in Studio City

Kitchen Drain Clogs in Studio City

How To: Restore Water Flow to Your Kitchen Drain

Have you noticed some slow drainage in the kitchen sink recently? And from one day to the next, it gets slower and slower until it’s finally just completely stopped?

If so, you have probably poured some liquid cleaner down the drain, attempting & hoping to clear it. But, it doesn’t work, so now you head to the local hardware store and purchase your own plumber’s snake, taking on the task of a drain cleaner.

Come to find out, you are running the cable 25 ft. in and nothing is even moving. You’re sweating, it’s messy and now you’re frustrated so you finally get online to locate a professional plumbing company to come in. You call “The Helping Hands Plumbing Company” because they offer $34.99 any drain, any time to come in and take care of this stubborn clog once and for all.

Helping Hands Plumbing Drain Special

  • Super Drain Special: $34.99
  • Drain Cabled Any Time – It drains or its free!
  • Must have proper access 90ft. max.

Unfortunately this is exactly what happened to our customer, Ian, in the Studio City area. The house was built in 1965 so he was already dealing with an aged pipe that had massive build up going against his odds for a simple snaking.

After he hired a professional plumbing company for a low cable cleaning price – that didn’t even work to get his flow back – he realized the line needed to be restored, not replaced, but back to its original inside diameter.

The only way to really restore a kitchen line is the use of a hydro jetter. This will require an outside accessible clean out, as shown here in the video at our customer Ian’s home. If not as you will see, the jetting can be quite messy especially if the clog is very stubborn.

Hiring a Hydro Jetting Company

When you hire a Los Angeles hydro jetting company, make sure they are experienced. Most of the time operating a jetter will require two people to provide safety, prevent possible flooding to your home, and create better efficiency on the job. We also find having two operators makes the cleanup of the job site easier, leaving the customer very happy.

Cost is always a factor when using a hydro jetter. Customers balk at the price, because they are so used to the cable drain cleaning method pricing which are two entirely different techniques using far more equipment. The cost of that equipment – nozzles, hoses, clean up, insurance, maintenance, etc – is also significantly higher.

Here at The Twin Home Experts, we believe in no surprises, or charging hourly rates. Our customers often tell us they like and appreciate are our flat price rates. So we always like to arrive on the job & educate ourselves on the situation first so we can get a full understanding of it. Then we will provide one price and one long-term warranty for our hydro jetting services. At The Twin Home Experts, we always use a camera and locator to provide the best hydro jetting service quote.

Here’s a Twin Home Experts fact: Did you know that phone quotes and verbal estimates in our industry has a chance of changing 95% of the time when a job is not looked at before hand? That’s why we make it a priority to be at your home when we quote you.

Well, we sure hope you received some good information on restoring and getting flow back to your kitchen drain. As always, we thank you for spending time on our site today. If you need anything else, feel free to contact us at anytime – we truly love to help!


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