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A Day in the Life of Plumber's Boots

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A Day in the Life of Plumber's Boots

A Day in the Life of Plumber's Boots

Follow Their Journey With a Twin Home Experts Video

Boots that are replaced on a annual basis because of the hard wear and tear we as plumbers put them through, plumber’s boots probably have the dirtiest job in the world.

They walk many miles through urine, feces, mud, dust, pesticides, onto clean pristine flooring, then right back into a flooded basement or a deep dark hole; They walk back onto street pavement, in and out of the backs of our trucks, and across your lawn as we snake out your sewer line standing in sewage.

But, no, their journey is not over yet. These boots go back into your house to test the drains, then back across your lawn. They then take off to the supply house to pick up parts, with the boot pushing on a dirty gas pedal that has been collecting samples from thousands of jobs.

They find themselves in a public restroom, walking in sometimes dirty, smelly bathroom tile floors and picking up other plumber’s boots remnants of highly contaminated droppings.

The boots are given another round of fresh air as we walk out to the counter, but quickly head back to the job site, as they step onto the gas station floor. The boot gets some sanitation from the gases residual ethanol.

They return back to the home as the plumber finishes and cleans up the job site, making the homeowner happy. But, once again, the plumber’s boot is left behind, standing on top of the dirtiest part of our world.

Why Your Plumber Should Always Wear Shoe Covers

So, knowing the boots’ travels to the dirtiest places on earth, we wanted to go to the extreme and take the boot to get it sampled. We want to prove to you why plumbers should always wear shoe coverings when entering your home. Let’s travel to the lab and get the results

Well, as you can see for yourself, there are high levels of E-coli and other contaminants the plumber’s boot has on it from just one day of work.

Please make sure your plumber puts on those booties to protect your home and we hope you liked this life of a plumber’s boot story from The Twin Home Experts. As always thanks for watching and reading!


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