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Why do I have a Kitchen Sewer Odor?

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Why do I have a Kitchen Sewer Odor?

Why do I have a Kitchen Sewer Odor?

Because they’re in daily use, kitchen fixtures tend to pose plumbing problems. One particularly frustrating issue is an odor that homeowners just cannot get rid of. They try the lemons down the drain, the ice cube trick inside the garbage disposal, sprays, drain cleaners, and more, but the smell persists — and even gets worse.

When it comes to finding the source of kitchen odors,we here at the Twin home experts want to give you all of the information you need. We have 25 years of experience in the plumbing trad and we’re confident we can guide you to your odor problem, so you can go back to enjoying your cooking and smell that fresh apple pie right out of the oven without the sewer smell interfering.

The first step in trying to locate your smelly source is to check inside the drain pipes under the sink. You will see the exposed pipes directly underneath, as well as a pipe coming out of the wall.We recommend removing all the items from under the sink and disconnecting the P trap first, then getting a bright flash light and taking a good look at inside each of those pipes to see if there is build up. If there is, then deep cleaning them is vital.

The other source of bad odor inside your sink can be the rubber washers to the basket strainer. These can be removed cleaned or replaced all together. Here’s a video demonstrating how:

If you have passed the first step and found nothing, then you may have to hire a plumber to start investigating a little deeper in your drain system. You may even need to check under your house if you live on a raised foundation. In fact, we just successfully completed another kitchen sewer odor smell call in Beverly Hills where a break in the kitchen line was dumping sewage straight under the building! A good way to quickly determine if that is the cause is, again, the use of a bright flash light and look through the side vents at the soil to see if its wet or flooded.

Another cause of sewer odor is poor ventilation.

If your venting is not properly set up or if an obstruction to your kitchen vent is preventing sewer gas to flow out to the outside, then you’ve got a problem: the gas has to escape somewhere, and the nearest location is the inside of your home. Another common issue with venting is when a pipe cracks inside a wall. We just completed a kitchen odor smell dispatch in Santa Monica where the problem was a cracked cast iron vent line. If you have easy safe access to your roof, then (once again) a bright flash light will be your best tool to see if there is any item that could be stuck inside. You also can run some water down the vent with a water hose — if it begins to fill up,then you have just located the problem and need to now figure out how to remove it.

Another reason for a stinky kitchen is that the horizontal drain line that has incurred massive build up over a long period of time of not being maintained. In fact, this may be the most common reason of all! A kitchen drain line is only 2″ in diameter, and often times cooking greases & foods stick to the inner walls, creating a clogged artery affect. The biofilm then just sits in there releases a gas.

The most affective way to deep clean a kitchen pipe is by hydro jetting. Here is a video showing what we removed out of a kitchen line that was causing a big stink inside the kitchen and home. Once we completed it, the odor was gone.

Well, we sure we hope this post provided you a direction to take on that kitchen smell. We really want to thank you for visiting our site. Please reach out anytime if you need further help.


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