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Underground Water Leak Tips in Hollywood

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Underground Water Leak Tips in Hollywood

Underground Water Leak Tips in Hollywood


Small underground water leaks are sometimes BIG issues. Having a leak is something that every homeowner dreads, especially when they get that unforeseen high water bill . Luckily there are advances with new innovative electronic water meters that will alert the DWP that your water usage is above normal ,then alerting you by phone or mail that you have a leak .

But if you don’t have this type of water meter then its always a good idea to randomly inspect your own meter device to make sure everything is off in the home, then check if that water meter needle is spinning.

In the event you find the water meter spinning ,then go to each shut off valve you have on your property whether it be for your home or irrigation and verify if the meter stops spinning,if the meter stopped spinning with the particular shut off valve off ,then at least you narrowed it down and can isolate until repair.

When searching for the underground leaks, locate these types of shut off valve on your property to identify what part of the system is leaking.

When inspecting for small underground leaks, always look at the triangle needle at the water needle to verify that you have running water.


Large underground water leaks are easier to find because there are generally loud gushing water sounds from underground. The tricky thing is that, just because it’s gushing water out from an area, doesn’t mean that the leak is directly below. Here at the Twin Plumbers, one thing we learned is NEVER assume this about plumbing leaks since the water will move to the least resistant path. It’s always advisable to use electronic acoustic leak detection equipment to pin point.

Now, if the line is NOT to deep and your just dealing with soil, you may want to dig down and fix it. Whats a few extra holes on the property if they can just be filled back in? But if your dealing with nice stone or decorative concrete, then its worth paying the leak detection fee .

Leak detection cost for something easy and obvious like this should run no more then $250.00,then this fee is usually applied to the repair.

Check out this video of the Twin Home Experts at the site of a large hillside underground leak in Hollywood!

Hopefully this helped give you some insight on what to look for when it comes to your underground water leaks. If you need more help, give us a call!


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