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Shower Odors in Inland Empire

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Shower Odors in Inland Empire

Shower Odors in Inland Empire

Are you choosing not to take a shower because of a rotten egg-like smell? The water seems to be flowing down the drain OK, but that stinky smell is becoming unbearable. So, where is the stench coming from exactly?

At the Twin Plumbers, we receive calls about strong smells coming from the shower on a regular basis. That’s why we want to take the time to provide you with some of the Twins’ diagnostic and secret cleaning tips that will hopefully prevent you from having to call a plumber.

If your shower is draining freely, but there is a sewer smell present, you more than likely are dealing with one of two causes. One cause could be that your shower’s venting has been blocked. You can determine if this is the problem by going up on your roof and looking down with a flashlight, or adding water inside to see if the vent fills up. If the vent fills with water, then there is probably an object blocking the vent that is not allowing air to escape.

Another probable cause of your shower stinking is that there may be a massive build-up inside of the drain line, specially the P-trap. This block-up could be the result of hair, soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc. Over time, these objects can form into hydrogen sulfide, which releases strong gases. Again, you will want to take a flashlight and look inside of your shower drain to see how much of a build-up issue you have.

Included below is an instructional video from us that shows how to clean your shower drain. By doing this, you will have a 99% chance of removing the odor. If this works for you, we recommend doing this every 6 to 12 months for proper maintenance.

If the odor does not go away using this method, then the issue may be more severe and will require a professional plumber that is capable of diagnosing the issue. Some equipment required could be a sewer camera, as well as smoke testing devices, to determine where the line is comprised, specifically if your house sits on a slab foundation. If your home is on a raised foundation, then the specialist you hire should also inspect under your crawl space.

Well, we sure hope this was helpful in getting rid of your shower drain odor. Please feel free to contact the Twin Plumbers if you need further assistance! As always, thank you for reading our blog post today!


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