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Sewer Water in the Crawlspace...What to Do?

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Sewer Water in the Crawlspace...What to Do?

Sewer Water in the Crawlspace...What to Do?

If you have had some strange odors in your home recently, you may want to inspect under your home if your on a crawl space. Here at the twin plumbers, we remediate about 30 homes a year with issues under crawl spaces. Many times our remediation Dept. gets called out from property owners stating that their plumber will not fix the broken pipe until the water is cleaned up or extracted in order for them to perform the repairs.

Well, here at the twin plumbers we are certified and trained to do both, so we understand the protocol and steps to take in order to neutralize the situation. You can watch us in action in the video below! We want to educate you today on what to do.

The first step is to NOT use any more fixtures in the home, or least the one that you know is leaking. Most often times, it’s the kitchen drains that leak because of the amount of usage and abuse kitchen drain lines take, especially here in Los Angeles in areas where homes were built pre-1970.

When faced with sewer water under the crawl space, its important to know the areas that are affected and the location.This determines everything: the protocol, price, equipment, labor and anti-bacterial solutions as well as deodorizers that will be used. It’s also equally important to get an idea of how long the condition has been there.

The first step is to extract using the right pump, which typically should be a truck mount that has the ability to hold the liquids and haul away from job site. The second step, is to lay down a 6 mil thick plastic liner on affected soil in preparation of plumbing repair. The third step, upon completion of plumbing repair, is turning and removing the top soil about 2 to 3 inches bagging and removing. The fourth step in the crawl space remediation process is spraying any affected wood with an anti microbial & bacteria solution. The fifth & final step is fogging with a deodorizer to eliminate any possibility of odors as well as adding absorbent crystals on top soil. Some situations require an air scrubber in place inside the home while the work is being performed, especially if the odor is evident and won’t go away. We actually recommend an air scrubber with an odor cleanse filter to remove all the odors that are cross contaminating inside the dwelling.


When it comes to sewer remediation cost under a crawl space, there are a few factors to consider, but here is what to expect for a typical size home of 2,500 sq ft.

Total Cost: Anywhere from $950.00 to $3,600.00


Whom ever you hire, they should provide a written warranty for at least 1 year. We provide up to 10 years with our remediation & sewer repair package. So be sure to at least get one year.

If its a small area and its a light contamination and your handy, you can treat this yourself, we recommend using rubber gloves, a plastic crawl suit and mask. Get yourself a small garden shovel, one large commercial grade trash bag and some kitty litter.

Total cost : $ 60.00

The other few things to look for is to making sure that the firm you hire is fully certified and insured & bonded to perform remediation work. Well, we sure hope this was helpful, if you need any more assistance, please feel free to contact the twin plumbers.


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