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Refrigerator Mold in Los Angeles and Phoenix

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Refrigerator Mold in Los Angeles and Phoenix

Refrigerator Mold in Los Angeles and Phoenix

Here at the Twin Home Experts,we have investigated and remediated mold in many hidden areas throughout properties over the course of our 25 years of business. There are some hidden places where many people — and even Mold Inspection Experts — miss and overlook when they’re assessing the home and looking for suspect areas around that are potentially causing indoor air quality issues. There are many topics about mold & mildew INSIDE a fridge but very few on the topic about OUTSIDE.

In fact, we just completed doing our “whole house cleanse” to a home that, when you walked in, appeared immaculate. The home was built in 2006, so it was fairly new. Our customer is in the entertainment business and when they would leave out of town for a shoot, they would feel great, as soon as they would return home,within 24 hours or so they would start getting symptoms of headaches,stuffy nose,watery eyes, and to top it off they just had a baby.

Being very concerned, they hired a hygienist to perform an air test per doctors request,and the results from the lab came back with high readings of aspergillus down stairs near the kitchen.

We were called out to continue our investigation as well as to create a protocol for remediation,and what we discovered behind and under their refrigerator was astonishing, there was massive amounts of build up around the compressor,similar to the video here below.

If you’re having allergies, or any type of respiratory symptoms and there are no other signs of water damage or mold,we highly recommend you look under or behind your fridge. Another place is your dishwasher,this also produces the same type of build up that a refrigerator does.

Here are some important steps in remediation:

1- Building a critical barrier around the appliance using a 6 mil plastic.

2- HEPA vacuum underneath and in the back thoroughly.

3- Applying an antimicrobial agent that is EPA approved by fogging the entire under side and perimeter.

4- Perform a micro wipe down to as much exposed areas within the compressor location.

5- HEPA vacuum the floor and walls where the refer fits into.

6- Apply an antimicrobial solution to flooring,walls, and baseboards where refer fits into.

7- Apply an inhibitor solution which will prevent mold from ever coming back. (Especially if the refer is very difficult to remove on a maintenance level)

8- We recommend here at the twin home experts that a yearly maintenance cleaning of under and behind the fridge and dishwasher will be a huge step in maintaining a clean indoor air quality.

Well, we sure want to thank you for visiting our site and taking the time to read our post today. If you need further assistance, please contact us any time we are here to help.


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