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HVAC Mold Inspection in Los Angeles and Phoenix

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HVAC Mold Inspection in Los Angeles and Phoenix

HVAC Mold Inspection in Los Angeles and Phoenix
If you’re having your equipment maintained on a yearly basis, your HVAC service provider should be notifying you about suspect areas for mold growth within the unit, i.e. the coil. These parts regulate moisture and are especially subject to mold growth .Here are some signs that you have mold in your heating and cooling system.
1- Sneezing, itchy eyes, allergies & respiratory issues.
2- Musty odors
3- Air feels heavy.
4- Your seeing signs of mold in and around your windows.
5- The vent interiors have a dark color.

The true test to determine if you have mold in your HVAC system is to hire an expert to test the air or perform a swab sample. Here at the Twin Home Experts, we perform both to get a true reading. The test will be performed by a third party mold lab that will provide information regarding the type of molds, levels of mold growth, and how to proceed.

Another way that a service provider can determine if you have any mold is using a micro duct camera. Just look at the video below. We found this mold just by removing the panels and searching with a bright LED flash light.

How do I remove the mold from my heating and air system once it’s been found?

The protocol of remediation depends on the levels and type of mold you have. For instance: just recently we completed an air conditioning that had mold present only in the duct work, so we sealed off the vents and applied our EPA-approved HVAC antimicrobial combo solution through the return. We used our HEPA vacuum and air scrubber devices to capture all mold spores during the extraction period. Our customer also chose our option to seal the internal ducts to prevent mold from coming back. Whatever company you choose, ask them to provide options on preventative solutions. There are some great mold products that are designed specifically for heating and cooling systems.

When the mold growth present is extremely high, then a very different protocol will take place. There are times when the entire system will have to be replaced due to contamination levels wherein spores are trapped inside the insulation of the plenum. At this point even the EPA recommends replacement.

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