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Do You Have Sewer Smell When the Wind Blows?

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Do You Have Sewer Smell When the Wind Blows?

Do You Have Sewer Smell When the Wind Blows?

Here are some insider sewer odor tips from the Twin plumbers!

Here at the Twin Home Experts, we were just called out on a sewer odor smell that the homeowner was experiencing “only when the wind blows.” Our Los Angeles customer called out the city, and each time they would arrive there was no smell. Solving this type of intermittent sewer odors takes some sewer detective work, some great equipment, and loads of experience — which the Twin Home Experts were happy to provide!

This type of odor situation depends on several factors, including how your sewer system is run, what type of sewer pipe you have, where your outside clean outs are, and if you’re on septic. All these are very important in attempting to locate the source of the smelly air that’s blowing around your home, so the first step is for your plumber and you to answer these questions,

Here at the Twin Home Sewer Odor Experts, we want to share with you our top 10 causes of what we have found to be the sources that will guide you to quickly identify your outside sewer odor, saving you money and time.

The Top Ten Sewer Odor Causes

1-Broken or cracked under ground sewer line just outside house.
2- Broken sewer line under crawl space.
3- Septic tank full and or leaking.
4- Old deleted sewer line that was never capped off.
5- City manhole or sewer easement that has blocked conditions.
6-Drain Vent in vicinity that is blocked or severed.
7- Kitchen drain outside clean out missing.
8- Drain issues inside, Outside access panels.
9- Main sewer line with massive build up and sludge.
10- Porous cast Iron sewer pipe leaching in soil.

For this scenario where the sewer odor only intermittently appears, it’s more than likely that you have a break in your sewer system, the only question is whether it’s the venting system or the drains.

We recommend using a color sewer camera: both large and small micro cameras are excellent location & tracing devices. Another great tool that we use is a hydrogen sulfide tester to sniff out and pin point location.It also may require smoke testing to ensure the location of the break.These are all odor device detection tools that you should ask your sewer odor specialist if they have before hiring.

And always remember the best ways to check for sewer odor, as described by the Twin Plumbers in this video:

What is the cost typically to find an outside sewer odor?

This is a question we get all the time. The answer is that it really depends on where the smell is, when it’s present, and what type of equipment it takes to perform the detective work. You can expect to pay anywhere from $375.00 to $1400.00.

If I leave it, can it be dangerous to breathe?

If its hydrogen sulfide, it’s never good to breath, but more than likely not enough potency to cause health issues.The only issue we have seen is that the problem gets worse before it improves.

Well, we hope we assisted you or your plumber in expediting in locating your sewer odor issue, if you need further help, please do not hesitate to call. We here to help and as always, we truly appreciate you visiting our site today.


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