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Discussing Mold Tests with the Healthy Home Experts

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Discussing Mold Tests with the Healthy Home Experts

Discussing Mold Tests with the Healthy Home Experts

Frequently Asked Questions about Mold Tests

We get calls throughout the day here at the Twin Home Experts from property owners inquiring about mold tests. Many times, it’s because they visited their doctor for respiratory issues, feeling lethargic, itchy eyes, or other heavy allergy symptoms, and the doctor is requesting they get their home inspected for indoor air quality issues. After all, a leading causes of year-round allergies is mold or mildew in your ventilation! An service check from the healthy home experts, however, can fix your problem for good.

One the most effective ways to determine the indoor air quality that possibly could be affecting your health is by making a small investment in a swab test. . As you can see, it looks just like an oversized Q -tip: we use this to collect samples of visible signs of mold on a wall, ceiling, flooring, cabinets etc. This test is also lower in cost, ranging from $89.00 to $120.00 per test. Most of the time, one is sufficient. The only major difference is that it will not tell you what is in the air; it’s only a surface test.
We often get requests to only visit the property to inspect, but if there are no visible signs of visible mold, then we always refer back to performing an air test.

What is an air test, and how does it work?

We use an Air-O-cell air sampling cassette, a very unique sampling device that was created specifically to collect a wide range of airborne particulates, to do an air test on your home. This is not only for mold but can also address pollen, insect parts, skin cell fragments, fibers, lead, & asbestos. Depending on the issues, an outside air test is ALWAYS needed as a baseline; as for the inside, this will depend on the property, the homeowner’s wishes, and the concerns. We can do just one sample or as many as desired. (Each test would require a separate device.)
As the air flows through the pathway device, as our illustration shows, particulates enter the cassette and meets the adhesive glass slide in the center as the air leaves through the exit orifice. Once the samples are taken and delivered to the lab, the slide is removed and ready to put under a microscopic analysis.

The lab will not only interpret if the air contaminate level inside of the property is higher than on the outside (this is when you know that the indoor air quality has been compromised and is causing health issues), but will also describe exactly what type of mold you have as well as the spore count.

How much does a mold test cost?

This depends on how many samples you are requesting to test. You can expect to pay anywhere from $89.00 to $150.00 per test. On average, there are at least three tests taken for an average home. This price typically includes the service provider and the lab fees.

How long does a most test take?

To perform an air mold test, it takes about 5 minutes each test. Once sent to a lab, the results can come back as instantly as 3 hours (if its urgent matter), or up to 3 days later.

Should I hire the same company to test and remediate?

We here at the Twin Home Experts have some mixed feelings about this. We feel that, if you’re engaged with a reputable company who clearly documents all work and is fully transparent then, yes, why not. If anything, though, we feel that testing should be completed by a different company upon completion of the remediation work. Any solid company would not want to jeopardize their reputation by creating a false pre-test just to gain a mold mitigation job.

Well, we sure hope we assisted you in answering your questions today on mold testing. If you’re looking for further assistance, please contact one of either our Phoenix or Los Angeles offices. We sure would live to help! Thank you for reading our post today, and remember to always call the Twins for all services on your healthy home.


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