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Pinhole Leaks in Los Angeles Homes

Van Nuys Leak Detection & Mold Remediation

Pinhole Leaks in Los Angeles Homes

Pinhole Leaks in Los Angeles Homes

The Twin Home Experts have completed over 5,000 pinhole leak-related damages from everywhere to Los Angeles, California to Phoenix, Arizona. The services we provided range from mold remediation services to extensive re-piping of every hot and cold water pipe in one’s home. Unfortunately, pinhole leaks can potentially cause billions of dollars in damages.

In today’s blog, we want to go over some of the causes of pinhole leaks that you, as a homeowner, can look out for to prevent future pinhole leaks in your home or business.

Top Causes of Pinhole Leaks

The causes of pinhole leaks can be as a result of a variety of different problems. Depending on where you live, these problems can be less or more prevalent.

  • Location: Believe it or not, your location can have an effect on the wear and tear that happens to your hot and cold water pipes. This can be the cause of pinhole leaks. The main problem is that homes that were built on slab on grade (meaning copper pipes were barred or looped underground in the slab of the home) are far more vulnerable to pinhole leaks. The sand or rock content that is touching the copper directly can cause the pipes to weaken. Additionally, the acidity of concrete can eat away at the copper.
  • Water Quality: With water quality, it comes down to how hard your water content is. Hard water has a high mineral content, and if you have a home that runs really hot water with a re-circulation system, you will likely be dealing with pinhole leaks. Another culprit in water is that we are finding that “chloramines,” which is ammonia mixed with chlorine. The city of Los Angeles started using ammonia to start neutralizing the chlorine smell because homeowners were complaining, but it is this chemical that is causing copper piping to break down.
  • Copper Type: Not all copper pipes are created equally. If you have type M copper throughout your home, you are more vulnerable to having pinhole leaks. Type M copper is the thinnest grade copper. The next grade up (and what is being installed in most homes today) is type L copper. Type L is a thicker grade, but still has the potential of getting pinhole leaks, especially on a re-circulation system. The next grade up is type K copper. Type K copper is the thickest and typically used in hospital or dental offices to handle oxygen lines.

You, as a homeowner, can identify what type of copper you have by looking at the outside of the pipe:

– Type M copper will be red
– Type L copper will be blue
– Type K copper will be green

If you are dealing with pinhole leaks, look no further than The Twin Plumbers. Call us today!


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