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Need to replace a sewer line without digging?

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Need to replace a sewer line without digging?

Need to replace a sewer line without digging?

There are many posts, topics, articles,and videos about trenchless sewer repair/ replacement. Many of them, as you do your research, will include some type of trenching on your property in order for their “trenchless” method to work. So in this respect, it’s not truly a “no-dig” process — more like a “less-dig.”

It’s frustrating to us when customers call in The Twin Plumbers trenchless sewer division, and we find they have been given the run around on this topic from other so called “sewer experts”. The customer is left confused, all because the plumbing company only has one option — leaving the customer with no other choices. It should not be this way! You should be presented at least three options on every sewer repair. If you aren’t, go look for someone else!

At the end of the day, what are you really after? You want to save your flooring, your driveway, your hardwood floor, your special finish concrete, or your street trenching. You’re looking for a TRUE no-dig process. Well, you have come to the right place, because here at the Twin Plumbers we have more certifications, licenses, and options on trenchless sewer repair than just about any other plumbing company. As the experts, we want to provide examples & guide you in the right direction.

Here in Los Angeles, we have a customer Rosa who was adamant about not touching her beautiful finished garage floor and special concrete tile driveway. She had contacted a few sewer contractors who all stated that the only way was to cut open both in order to access the pipe and perform repairs. But we had a better idea. We accessed the sewer line with our pull and place trenchless method, and we were able to accomplish her goal. Rosa was extremely happy.

Our sewer technician Tony just completed a job on a store who had a sewer line issue under ground. The store could not be shut down for days and had to have the least amount of demolition possible. Again, we a were able to perform the work with out digging anything. Here is a before and after videos:

In Beverly Hills, we saved a guys Italian marble slab that was shipped in from Italy, the cost of the flooring was 35k. We simply removed the toilet and gained access to our equipment from an exterior clean out.

Here in West Hills, we saved a street from being trenched, saving time and thousands of dollars! This is a solution that the homeowner will never have to deal with again. If they had to go with a traditional method of clay pipe install, they might have had the same issue again in a year or two.

So these are just a few different sewer scenarios with totally different methods without the need for excavation. So when a sewer company tells you that it cannot be done, more than likely he/she cannot do it because they may not have the resources, knowledge, only leaving you with that one and only option and belief.

Well, we sure hope this was helpful in your research as your “digging”around looking for the best solution on your sewer replacement. If for any reason you need further assistance, please reach out,we love providing second opinions. Thank you for visiting our site today.


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