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Hot Spot Slab Leak in Los Angeles and Phoenix

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Hot Spot Slab Leak in Los Angeles and Phoenix

Hot Spot Slab Leak in Los Angeles and Phoenix

What is happening when you walk in the kitchen or bathroom barefooted and all of a sudden you feel a warm spot?

It might even feel nice at first, especially on a winter cold day, but that hot spot is more than likely being caused by a hot water line underground that is leaking. This is something you should take seriously and act on right away to prevent further destruction to your property.

Today we wanted to help you in taking the right steps in determining if you have an underground hot water line leak to help you save money from hiring a plumber and a leak detection company. The costs for leak detection inspections can range from $99.00 on the low to $375.00 on the high, so being able to do the check yourself is very preferable!

First, put a mark on the hot spot. Then what you want to look at is what type of system you have on the hot side. Check if you have a pump at the side of your water heater, and if you do, then let’s start with the first instructions to determine if it’s that line causing the hot spot. Having a pump at the side of the water heater means you have what they call a “recirculating line,” where the single pipe is run to the furthest fixture in your property from the water heater. This line is typically 1/2″ or 3/4″ in diameter. There should be an electrical cord from the pump to the outlet — go ahead and unplug it. Once this has been completed, wait for about 15 minutes to see if that spot is cooled down.

If the spot is still warm, then keeping your pump unplugged, and shut the water heater completely off. The valve should be above the heater on the right hand side. Follow the same steps, wait for about 15 minutes, go back to the same spot, and check. Also, while your doing this, pay attention to the noise decrease, once you slowly turn that valve off, if the sound of water running shuts off, then chances are, there is a leak under the slab.( Make sure you have no leaky faucets!)

Another way to help determine if you have a leak at that spot, is use your ears, place your ears on the floor while the water is on, then do the same thing while its off, there should be a difference in noise.

Another way to verify as well, just like the listening detection, head to your water meter outside of your property, and see if the meter is running once you follow the same steps by turning on & off. If the meter stops while you have it off, then it spins while you have it on, then you just have confirmed you have a leak, now remember during this test, you cannot have any leaky fixtures, toilets, or leaky outside sprinklers on the property.

Once this has been determined,then a good idea that we tell all our customers, is to shut that valve off when your not using the water, like during bedtime or during the day when your not home.this will help prevent further water damage as well as save water and money on your water bill while your getting a few estimates on the repair. Remember, you always have options on that front, check out our blog on repair, reroute or repipe.

Please leave your comments or questions below, or of you would like more help please feel free to contact us anytime. As always, thank, you for reading our blog today!


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