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Drain Tips for Los Angeles Homeowners

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Drain Tips for Los Angeles Homeowners

Drain Tips for Los Angeles Homeowners

The toilet seat in the photo is mostly a funny joke — but there’s some real truth there! You wouldn’t believe how many calls we get here at the Twin Plumbers that could have been avoided if homeowners knew what not to flush down their toilets. In fact, there are a number of simple habits that homeowners can get into to avoid those disastrous drain clogs — so we were inspired by this photo to put them all together in one post.

3 Tips to Help You Avoid Drain Clogs

  1. When in Doubt, Throw it Out– All of us have wanted to flush our Ex at one point or another. But the main thing to remember about toilet drains is that they are only intended to handle waste and toilet paper: absorptive materials, such as paper towels, wet naps, or female hygiene products, can build up and become stuck in your system, causing major problems. If something falls into the toilet by accident, the Twin Plumbers can help get it out of their fast: we’ve seen hairbrushes, children’s toys, and, yes, even a cell phone in our day!
  2. Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners– We’ve all seen the commercials: there are so many well known brands of chemical drain cleaner that claim to be able to break down clogs right away, leaving your pipes sparkling clean! While Drano might open your toilet’s pipes, it also can corrode them. The powerful and dangerous chemicals are not only harmful to the environment and to people if it gets on your skin, but it can also be harmful to your drains after repeated use. Instead, use an organic compound like BioClean.
  3. Install a Sewer Clean out– Does your sewer have a sewer clean out already? Generally, the cleanout will be located at the side of your house: it looks like a capped off pipe, and it can be opened with a screwdriver. We made this video to help your find yours:As you heard us say in the video, if your home was built before 1978, it probably doesn’t have a sewer cleanout. Luckily, you can still get one installed! Check out our other video to hear about the cost of a sewer cleanout installation today!

As always, we hope this was helpful. Thanks for reading our blog, and good luck keeping those drains running nice and smooth for years to come!


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