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Best Way to Clear a Stubborn Kitchen Sink Clog

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Best Way to Clear a Stubborn Kitchen Sink Clog

Best Way to Clear a Stubborn Kitchen Sink Clog

Helpful Tips on Cleaning Your Kitchen Drain Effectively

Things to understand about kitchen drains ….

  • They are the most vulnerable drain in the house, and tend to give you more back up issues than any other drain in your home.
  • They build up hard debris in the inner walls that traditional cabling won’t clear.
  • They only get worse!
  • They cause sewer smells due to restricted ventilation.
  • They cause more expensive damage than any other drain in the house.
  • They take more abuse than any other drain in your home due to the variety of things we as homeowners put down them.

Kitchen sink clogged? Kitchen Cleanout?

The first step is to go outside and locate your wall clean out,which is typically right behind the outside of kitchen sink.

Once you do confirm you have a clean out ,grab your self a pair of latex gloves and a pipe wrench and follow the lefty loosy, righty, tighty rule and remove the hex head plug slowly . The sewage will start releasing into your planter bed,if its going to release in a driveway, it is wise to pre-wet the drive way first to protect the drive way from the sewage to adhere to dry concrete,and makes it much easier to clean after the job is complete.

Now that you have located your cleanout for your kitchen sink, you’re ready to start deep cleaning with the use of hydrojetting technology, as shown here in the video below. There is no way that you can properly clean an old, stubborn drain with traditional drain snaking methods.

The cost to hire a professional to perform a complete hydrojetting or hydroscrubbing of an entire kitchen drain line can range from $250.00 to $650.00. The professional should offer you a warranty and a free camera inspection of the before and after to confirm that you have an opened drain that will last you a long time.

Hopefully this gave you some insight on how to handle that stubborn kitchen sink drain with a longer lasting solution. We’d love to hear from you, so make sure to leave your comments!


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