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Before vs. After: Slab Leak Repair in Los Angeles

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Before vs. After: Slab Leak Repair in Los Angeles

Before vs. After: Slab Leak Repair in Los Angeles

Ever wonder how a plumber fixes a leak that’s underneath your home’s slab? It requires some pretty advanced technology and expertise to detect the leak, locate exactly where the problem is, and make joint repairs that don’t require you to rip up the floors! But that’s why people call in the Twin Home Experts. Homeowners in Los Angeles and Phoenix and all of the surrounding areas know that we’re the best at making slab leak repairs quick and easy! Here’s a quick before-and-after view of some of our work. We took some video at the job site so that we could show you exactly what a slab leak looks like and how we make it better.

As you can see, our experts use video camera inspection to find the leak. This technology is state-of-the-art: a camera-tipped cable is threaded through an access point and projects an image of the interior of the pipe on an external monitor (which you can see in the video). The Twin Plumbers technician finds that there are two problematic joints that are causing the leak. These will be repaired with a trenchless procedure known as epoxy lining. In this process, a safe plastic epoxy is poured into the pipeline around an adjustable bladder, creating a new pipe inside of the existing line!

Here you can see the finished product: the pipes have been lined, the slab leak is fixed, and the homeowner can expect no further problems in the future! Another job well done by the Twin Home Experts . We hope this has helped you understand how our plumbers deal with slab leaks in the most unobtrusive way possible. Call the Twin Home Experts for all of your plumbing and home comfort needs today!


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