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The 5 Customer Service Commandments of The Twin Plumbers

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The 5 Customer Service Commandments of The Twin Plumbers

The 5 Customer Service Commandments of The Twin Plumbers

The Twin Plumbers Always Do Right by Their Customers

We recently took over a job from another plumbing contractor in the area. It was the same old story with these guys: They weren’t showing up on time, would work a few hours then leave and the materials being used did not meet the agreed upon contract. Finally, the customer had no choice but to file a complaint with the local ROC (Registrar of Contractors). This contractor now has some big choices to make which will likely cost him more time, grief and money all because of a lack of responsibility and care.

At The Twin Plumbers, we have found over our 25 years in the industry that the most successful contractors are the ones who are honest, up front, and communicate well with customers about any changes in materials, pricing, or anything else project related. The consequences of skirting around any issues can be much more devastating to your reputation and the company in the long run. We have always believed that making small sacrifices for the sake of your customer relationship is more important than any price tag.

Here are our top 5 customer service commandments that every contractor should be working on:

  1. Be a great listener: Listen intently, ask questions and summarize answers to your customers in language they can understand. This will show you really care and that you are offering the best solutions for their interests.
  2. Great communication skills: Learn how to effectively communicate with your customers: know when to speak and when to listen.
  3. Keep your promises: When you make a promise, be sure to deliver on it no matter what. If you promise the arrival time is at 8a.m. sharp, be there at 8a.m. sharp—no excuses!
  4. Honesty above all: Being honest and fully transparent with your customers goes a long way.
  5. Become an expert: Wrap your head around the job, understand exactly what is needed to figure out the best solution for each individual customer.

Bottom line: A happy client is worth far more than the best advertising money can buy. A satisfied customer is sure to sing some of your praises to their neighbors, family & friends. Doing right by your customers is an easy choice that every plumbing contractor should make.

Thanks for reading our blog today, and don’t forget to choose us when you need an honest, up front plumbing company!


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