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Homeowners Insurance And Plumbing Leaks: Part 2

Van Nuys Leak Detection & Mold Remediation

Homeowners Insurance And Plumbing Leaks: Part 2

Homeowners Insurance And Plumbing Leaks: Part 2

Be Wary of What Your Insurance Won’t Cover

We recently published a blog post about what most homeowners insurance companies will cover when it comes to plumbing leaks. Even though it should help enough if you are ever in that situation, we thought it might be nice to let you know what insurance policies don’t cover. This way, you will be fully prepared.

Typical Problems Insurance Will Not Cover

1. Long-term, or slow occurring, leaks
2. Outside water leaks
3. Drain stoppage caused by roots or old age
4. Dew point, or high humidity, inside a structure
5. Defective materials, such as bad valves or plumbing parts
6. Pipes or any plumbing mechanical items that are evident of wear and tear
7. Mold damage. This is normally considered a long-term event so will be denied. If you do have mold coverage, you are probably maxed to about $5,000.
8. Sump pumps, unless you have an endorsement stating otherwise. Here at The Twin Plumbers, we always recommend getting one.
9. The actual repair or replacement of the plumbing that caused the leak. So, for example, if a pipe bursts, the actual cost to repair or replace that pipe is usually not covered.

When it comes to a plumbing disaster and your insurance, the most important thing is to act quickly. Get the source contained and file a claim as soon as possible. While our lists are a good guideline, you never know what your insurance company will do, or not do, for you.

In addition, your swift reaction will show your insurance company that you did everything you could to manage the situation and reduce property damage as much as possible.

No matter what your insurance company tells you, you can count on The Twin Plumbers to repair your leak quickly and efficiently. Call us today for more information, and thank you for reading our blog today!


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