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What is Pipe-Bursting? Los Angeles, CA

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What is Pipe-Bursting? Los Angeles, CA

What is Pipe-Bursting? Los Angeles, CA

Here at the Twin Plumbers, we believe in using trenchless solutions to common plumbing problems wherever possible. That’s because trenchless methods are:

  • More Advanced
  • Less Time-Intensive
  • Not Destructive to Your Landscaping

We’ve talked about what we believe are the benefits of trenchless sewer replacement in a number of videos on our youtube channel where you’ll see us generally using this definition of trenchless here: trenchless sewer replacement is the process of replacing or rehabilitating pipes without fully digging up the existing line. How do plumbers do that? Primarily, trenchless plumbing repair are performed inside of the pipe itself. We’ve spoken about how epoxy lining creates a new, plastic pipe inside of the broken one, and you can see in these videos how that looks in this BEFORE and AFTER pair:

But epoxy lining is just one method of trenchless technology. The other is pipe-bursting.

What is Pipe Bursting?

If your Twin Plumbers expert determines that your sewer replacement could be accomplished easily and affordably through pipe bursting, they will schedule an appointment and show up at your home with the state-of-the-art machine pipe bursting machine. They will find your pipe from above ground using a pipe detector tool, and they will determine where the break in your plumbing system is via sewer camera inspection. They may need to dig an entrance and exit hole to get to the broken line — sometimes trenchless does require some minimal digging.

Then the pipe bursting machine pulls a cable with a cone shaped head through the existing line to break apart the pipe. The cable lays new piping in the path of the old line. Then you’re done!

What are the Benefits of Pipe Bursting?

Although it does typically involve minor digging, the pipe bursting technique saves you lots of hassle. Here’s how:

  • Superior Material – When we perform pipe bursting, we replace the old pipe with a significantly better material. Here at the Twin Plumbers, we are advocates of copper and PEX. For sewer replacement, copper piping is the best: it’s solid and corrosion-resistant. PEX pipe is more flexible, more durable, and less liable to corrode — best for water line replacements. You won’t ever have to worry about those pesky clogs and plumbing problems again!
  • No Excavation– In a conventional sewer replacement, the plumber has to completely dig out your existing line and replace it with a new one. Pipe bursting saves you the trouble by installing the pipe underground. Don’t ruin your landscaping — get a plumber with the right tools.
  • Quick, Affordable, Permanent – Since pipe-bursting is so advanced, you’d think it would be more expensive. However, the reality is that many customers have found opportunities to save money through pipe bursting, since labor costs are dramatically reduced. Plus, this equipment generally makes the solution much faster, so your home or business doesn’t have to be out of commission for days.

We sure hope this blog is helpful to you! As always, thanks for reading.


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