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Air Duct Cleaning Mold Removal in Los Angeles, CA

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Air Duct Cleaning Mold Removal in Los Angeles, CA

Air Duct Cleaning Mold Removal in Los Angeles, CA

Do you have a member of your family who is having allergies all of the time? It could be a problem with your indoor air quality that is aggravating their symptoms! Homeowners in LA rely on temperature control all year round — but some people don’t realize that HVAC systems need to be maintained, especially in regards the ducting. Having dust, mold, or other contaminants in your air ducting system can cause problems inside of your home: all of those accumulated dirt particles are being circulated through every room in your home!

We recommend air duct cleaning once a year. That way, you know that your indoor air truly is clean and healthy during every season. Check out what the Twin Plumbers found in this poorly maintained HVAC system:

Mold and mildew in an HVAC system or in the ducting can impact your air quality and your health.

Duct Cleaning Methods

Contact Cleaning Method– In this technique, a company will spend anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours blasting the ducting with a what is essentially a shop vac to clear away all contaminants. This method is generally the most affordable, and can even be DIY — but it’s time intensive and doesn’t always guarantee a thorough clean.

Power Vacuum/Air Sweep Method– The air duct cleaning specialist will arrive at your home with the power vacuum, a powerful large-diameter hose that can draw air anywhere between 3000 and 26,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute)! While more expensive, the power vacuum is quicker and more effective.

Having dirt and dust and even mold in your air ducts is a serious health concern for homeowners, so it’s best to address it right away. We hope this blog about air cleaning has been helpful. As always, thank you for reading!


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