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4 Things that Should Never Go Into Your Garbage Disposal

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4 Things that Should Never Go Into Your Garbage Disposal

4 Things that Should Never Go Into Your Garbage Disposal

It’s the holiday season, which means lots of cooking, eating, and celebrating! But while you’re getting your Los Angeles home ready for entertaining, make sure you don’t risk a plumbing emergency by putting unauthorized materials down your kitchen sink.

Your garbage disposal is built to grind up certain food products so that they can pass through the drain without clogging the pipes. HOWEVER, there are some products that should never go down your sink drains that many homeowners don’t know about! The Twin Plumbers wants to help you keep your plumbing safe, so follow these four rules.

Don’t Ever Let These Items Go Into Your Garbage Disposal:

1.Hot grease– When grease enters pipes, it cools and congeals, creating a blockage. It’s an extremely common problem for homeowners: grease starts to line the inner walls of the pipes, restricting flow capacity. Don’t try to use drain cleaning chemicals! They may eat away at the initial blockage, but they will also eat away at the pipes and the garbage disposal, causing premature failures and costly repairs.

2. Coffee Grounds and Tea Leaves– These items tend to ruin the blades on a garbage disposal over time, since they never fully grind up. Worse, they wind up in your P Trap, causing all kinds of trouble:

The P Trap is that curved pipe below your kitchen sink, i.e. the piece with the blue ribbon on it.

3.Starches – Items like pastas, rice, and flour tend to bind together in your pipes.

4. Peels– Vegetable peels, like tea leaves, frequently pass through the garbage disposal without being fully chopped up. They wind up in the P Trap or further in the pipe.

Is your home new? Do you not have a garbage disposal yet? If this is the case, watch the video below, courtesy of the Twin Plumbers: it will help you choose the product that’s right for your home.

Well, that’s if for garbage disposal tips. As always, thanks for reading!


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