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Connecting Galvanized Water Pipes to Copper Pipes in Hollywood

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Connecting Galvanized Water Pipes to Copper Pipes in Hollywood

Connecting Galvanized Water Pipes to Copper Pipes in Hollywood

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Incorrect Pipe Connections Can Become Major Liability

The Twin Home Experts’ passion is to give you quick and easy-to-understand plumbing trade secrets. If you are a DIY homeowner, this information will make your plumbing efforts easier or if you are a consumer that wants to make sure that your handyman or plumber is doing the right job for you, The Twin Home Experts are happy to give you a peace of mind by providing how-to videos and articles on every subject that the plumbing trade has to offer.

Here, we want to show you how and why to make a proper connection from your new or old galvanized water pipes to copper pipes. You will see in the above video we documented for you why this cannot be overlooked because, with time, it can become a major liability to your home and contents by causing major water damage or mold issues if this is not done.

The first thing you need to understand is that copper and galvanize are two metals that are not compatible, which means that they can cause damage to both pipes as a result of electrolysis. Electrolysis is caused when two metals that are not compatible create an accelerated attack as a result of electrical currents breaking materials down, which can be very corrosive to pipes and fittings.

We recommend figuring out the best way to add at least four to six inches of brass between the copper and galvanize connections. Brass prevents electrolysis from hitting the two metals. If you can add PEX piping between the two, that is even better. The reason why we like using PEX piping and fittings between the two metals is because it is guaranteed to stop electrolysis. Even though brass is most commonly suited, we have seen instances of corrosion collecting in the inside walls of brass pipes and fittings.

Some things to stay away from or getting talked into is the use of dielectric unions. Yes, they are specifically designed for this application and they look great, but they will only be a temporary fix. Within a year, you will be replacing these unions due to low water volume. These build up rust directly in the middle of the union, which result in restricting water flow.

Hopefully, this gave you some tips on your water piping connections. If we left anything out and you still have questions, feel free to give us a call so that we can further help you!


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