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Sewer Camera Inspection Los Angeles

Sewer Camera Inspection Los Angeles

Choosing the Right Team for a Camera Inspection Makes All the Difference

Here at The Twin Home Experts, we believe in complete transparency when servicing our customers. When it comes to sewer camera inspections (especially free ones!), there are many opportunities for a dishonest plumber to conceal things and unfairly raise the cost of a typically reasonably priced service. In today’s post, we want to take a moment educate you on what to look for when hiring a plumbing company to inspect your sewer line. Between our Los Angeles and Arizona shops, we have performed over 20,000 sewer camera inspections so rest assured we know what it takes to provide an effective sewer inspection.

There could be several reasons why you are getting a sewer line inspected:

  1. You are considering purchasing a property
  2. You currently own a property that is experiencing sewer issues.

These both would require the same type of camera inspection—the only real difference is that if you are purchasing a property, you will need detailed report and video outlining the problem and prognosis.

While we are on this subject, here at the Twin Plumbers, we always recommend to our clients they conduct a sewer line camera inspection prior to purchasing a property. The last thing you want is any unforeseen problem arising after you acquire the property. Failing to get a camera inspection can result in a hefty sewer replacement cost after the fact.

A typical sewer camera inspection fee for a residential home real estate transaction ranges from $250 to $450 depending on accessibility, length of sewer lines, as well as quantity of line inspections on the property. We just completed a very detailed sewer inspection for a home here in Los Angeles that had 3 sewer mains discharging from the back of the house to the street that ran 100 feet. No matter what the cost—it’s always worth it!

If you currently have a sewer problem and need to obtain bids for replacement, typically there is no cost for a plumber to come out and see the problem with a sewer camera. However, this is where you need to be cautious. A good sewer technician will guide you and show you every step of the way where the issues are in the line.

Here are some of the questions to ask during the inspection:

  1. Can you locate the spot for me and mark it?
  2. Can you let me know the depth of the sewer line?
  3. Can you provide me the true distance?
  4. Can you trace out my sewer line from end to end?
  5. What options can you provide me for repair based on your findings?

If they cannot answer or do not provide you with the correct information, then get them off your property! There are many plumbing contractors who like to withhold information because they fear that you are going to take their information and price shop them. We had one customer here in Los Angeles that trenched his own hole and discovered that the plumber mismarked the line intentionally. The customer had taken the time and effort to dig a 4-foot hole only to learn the pipe was located somewhere else.

A professional camera inspection should be informational first and foremost and whoever performs it should be able to answer all your questions. We always feel good here when we leave a sewer inspection and the customer has the knowledge to make an educated decision on who to go with.

Well, we sure hope this gave you a real insight as to what to look for when requesting a sewer camera or drain inspection. We really want to thank you for reading our blog today.

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