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Foul Odors in the Home Could Indicate a Hidden Water Leak

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Foul Odors in the Home Could Indicate a Hidden Water Leak

Foul Odors in the Home Could Indicate a Hidden Water Leak

We had a young couple, Rick and Stacy from Los Angeles, who were first time home buyers that had just purchased a condo. Upon moving in, the couple discovered foul odors and “mystery smells” all over their kitchen. After trying several different companies, Rick and Stacy made the decision to call in the Twin Plumbers to try and find where the leak was hiding. We assured them that here at the Twins, we specialize in leak location andif we cannot find it, they would not have to pay.

When we arrived, Stacy only had a few minutes with us before she had to rush to work, so we assured her that we would update her with a video of our findings (see below). She left with a smile and Rick stayed with us while we worked.

The first step in locating a drain leak is to do a walk through of the fixture layout. In this case, there was a second floor with a toilet, Lav, and shower. We used a moisture reader below and was able to moisture map the affected areas resulting in the discovery of heavy amounts of moisture in the kitchen walls.

The second step was to begin the water test, one fixture at a time. Using our listening equipment and placing one person upstairs to run each fixture, we began to hear water running inside the wall, identifying it to be the lavatory sink line.

The third step, was to open a small section of the wall to expose the plumbing. We found the vertical drain line that was not properly connected and actually cracked as the above video displays.

Drain line leak detection does take some skill and specialized equipment, but it also takes experience paired with common sense and a full understanding of the possibilities of how the drain system was initially installed. When trying to find the right leak detection company, ask for references and make sure they have all the proper equipment to locate that leak. We always recommend you choose a company with at least 10 years of experience in the business.

Well, it sure was great to locate the leak for Rick and Stacy: they can finally enjoy their new home and the Twin Plumbers are off to the next leak.

Thank you for reading our blog today, and call us for any leak detection needs you might have!


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