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Epoxy Sewer Liner Los Angeles and Phoenix

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Epoxy Sewer Liner Los Angeles and Phoenix

Epoxy Sewer Liner Los Angeles and Phoenix

Simi Valley Plumber: How Much Does Epoxy Sewer Liner Cost?

Having installed over 100,000 feet of epoxy sewer liners from residential to commercial, to large sewers and small drains over the past 12 years, we are the guys who can answer this question honestly. And because we love to teach, lets go over how much it might cost you.

First, let’s be clear on the method were discussing here. There are different forms of trenchless sewer technology. The one we are discussing here is sewer replacement or rehabilitation using epoxy, making a new pipe within the old pipe.

Epoxy sewer lining is a method where a 2 part resin is mixed together, poured into a bladder, the bladder is then pulled in place, or an inversion method where a high air pressure compressor blows in the bladder. The balloon is inflated into the bladder. Leaving the epoxy to adhere to the inner walls of pipe. Given time to cure. Once cured, the balloon is retrieved leaving a new pipe within the old pipe.

Now that we’re clear on the exact method used now let’s get into some pricing.

First off price ranges using this method is for residential only from 2 inch drain size to 6 inch drain size. There all going to be around 70 to 250 per linear foot. The reason for the big price range are these key factors :

  • Type of liner-who is the liner manufacturer ? What is their warranty?
  • Length of sewer pipe and depth of sewer line access?
  • How many holes need to be excavated?
  • How much preparation inside the pipe? Major Root cleaning, breaks, multiple connections etc…
  • Concrete removal or other hard surface to contend with?
  • What the added value of the plumbing contractor is going to be giving you? Is he going to add coming back every 2 years and scope the line out, offer free maintenance etc…?
  • Subcontractor or does the plumber have their own equipment?

All the above do play a role of what that end price is, or per foot price you’re going to pay. If you want more information, check out our video above!


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